We (really) need you….

Building the first-ever Catholic/Crypto Conference is going exceedingly well. At the Conference, you will experience extraordinary talks, a wonderful network of people, and an overall great time.

As you can imagine, preparation for this type of event requires a tremendous amount of time and significant financial investment.

Will you bless us with your time, talent, or treasure?

Four ways to support:

  1. Pray for our success. In fact, consider saying a quick prayer before reading further!
  2. Share this flyer or our web address (CatholicCryptoConference.com) with friends, family, and anyone interested in technology or crypto. And with all who believe the Church should leverage technology for advancing the Kingdom on earth!
  3. Contribute financially to help us carry out this vision.
  4. If you’d like to volunteer at the conference, we’d welcome that too. Please email us at info@catholiccrypto.io.