Although divine revelation ended with the death of apostles, Catholics believe that Christ gave us a teaching Church to help the faithful navigate new moral and pastoral issues.

With the advent of blockchain, Bitcoin, Web 3.0, smart contracts, the metaverse, decentralized finance, NFTs, and more, Catholics are once again faced with questions.

The first-ever CatholicCrypto Conference presents an opportunity for the faithful to understand this new technology, its trajectory, and how it all may impact all of us and the Church.

Through keynote presentations, interactive breakout sessions, small-group and panel discussions, meet-ups, and more, you can expect to gather information on these topics:

  1. Let the Conversation Begin: Helping Catholics Navigate the New Crypto Frontier
  2. Decentralized Blockchain for a Centralized Church
  3. The Sacred and the Profane: How Catholics View Technology
  4. Subsidiarity and Solidarity: A Catholic Vision for Building Society
  5. Property Rights is a Human Right
  6. The Truth Will Set Us Free: The Freedom Found in Christ
  7. Work as a Noble Pursuit
  8. Christ and the Marketplace
  9. The Metaverse and the Incarnation: Can they Mix?
  10. Debasing the Money, Debasing the Person
  11. Rerum Novarum as a Lens for Building Culture
  12. How Sound Money Leads to Sound Culture
  13. Keeping Holy the Sabbath: The Judeo-Christian Imperative to Rest
  14. Tithing and Stewardship: Discovering God’s Divine Economy
  15. Banking the Unbanked: How Blockchain and Crypto Are Lifting Up the Poor
  16. The Incompatibility of Socialism and Catholicism
  17. The Eucharist as Our True Sustenance
  18. Time Preference and Christian Discipleship
  19. Leisure, the Basis of Culture: An Introduction to Josef Pieper’s Classic Work
  20. Central Bank Digital Currencies and the Dangers to Autonomy

Crypto/Technological Topics

  1. An Introduction to Cryptocurrency
  2. An Introduction to Blockchain
  3. An Introduction to Web 3.0
  4. An Introduction to Smart Contracts
  5. An Introduction Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  6. Crypto Security and Protecting Against Hacks, and Scams
  7. Understanding Crypto Mining
  8. Sovereignty in a Central Banking World
  9. Crypto Investing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  10. Crypto FUD: Addressing Common Criticisms  
  11. The Lightening Network: Is it the Future of Commerce?
  12. Taxes and Tax Reporting in the Crypto World
  13. Bitcoin: The Soundest Money in History
  14. Are We There Yet? The Quest for Crypto Regulatory Clarity
  15. China’s Superpower Blockchain Ambitions
  16. The US Constitution, Liberty & Bitcoin
  17. Geopolitical Impacts of China’s Digital Yuan
  18. The Future of Money, Governance, & the Law
  19. Driving the Crypto and Blockchain Revolution
  20. Blockchain and Sustainable Economic Growth

Panel Discussions

  1. The Agrarian Option: Is it Moral for Catholics to Opt Out of a Tech Society?
  2. Crypto Mining and the Catholic Obligation to Environmental Stewardship
  3. Bitcoin, Gold, or Both? What is the Pre-eminent Store of Value
  4. Are Bitcoin Maxi’s Correct?
  5. Solving the Wealth Concentration Gap
  6. Can a Catholic Be a Libertarian?

Strategy Sessions:

  1. Strategy Session: How Might the Church Use Blockchain?
  2. Strategy Session: How Might the Church Use Cryptocurrency?
  3. Strategy Session: How Might the Church Use NFTs?
  4. Strategy Session: How Might the Church Use Smart Contracts and Tokenization?
  5. Strategy Session: Is Effective Evangelization Possible in the Metaverse?
  6. Strategy Session: What Might a Catholic DAO look like?


  1. Evangelization, Crypto, and Blockchain Meet-up
  2. Solana Development Meet-up
  3. Ethereum Development Meet-up
  4. Bitcoin Maximalists Meet-up
  5. Investment Meet-up

Suggest a Topic or Speaker

Topics, sessions, and breakout activities will be added to the agenda. You can suggest a topic or speaker by filling out the form below.