God became man in the person of Jesus Christ. This truth also affirms that the created world is a God-given “good.” This includes new technological creations. But how should Catholics approach a forthcoming “metaphysical-only” world like the metaverse? Or will the metaverse end up being primarily an accent to our lives, like the computer and internet are today? In this segment, Matt Pinto speaks to technologist and Catholic convert, Kailash Duraiswami, on how Catholics should consider and approach a brave new world where human “communion” could be diminished by an augmented reality. Matt Pinto is the founder of the Genesis Group, Ascension Press, author of more than a dozen Catholic books and resources, and has been at the forefront of leading Catholic initiatives for over two decades. He will also be the host for the first-of-its-kind Catholic Crypto Conference this fall that brings together crypto experts, tech experts, and Catholic theologians to shed light on these relevant questions of our time.