Teresa Tomeo of Catholic Connection talks with Matt Pinto, creator and host of the premiere  Catholic/Crypto Conference coming to Philadelphia November 17-18. In the interview Matt shares how, just like the internet, we are on the brink of sweeping technological changes that will touch nearly every aspect of our lives – cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, Web 3.0, NFT’s, the Metaverse, decentralized banking and more. As vigilant Catholics, the conference will explore what this technology means to the Church and how we can best align ourselves to understand its benefits and challenges. Matt Pinto is the founder of The Genesis Group, Ascension Press, author of more than a dozen Catholic books and resources, and has been at the forefront of leading Catholic initiatives for over two decades. He will also be the host for the first-of-its-kind Catholic/Crypto Conference this fall that brings together crypto experts, tech experts, and Catholic theologians to shed light on these relevant questions of our time.