The founders of this conference deeply love their Catholic faith. We fully profess belief in the teachings of the Church as expressed in the universal Catechism of the Catholic Church.

We believe Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that he established the Catholic Church 2,000 years ago, and gave it authority to lead, teach, and sanctify in his name.

We recognize that while truth is found in other Christian and non-Christian expressions of faith, we also affirm that the fullness of truth subsists in the Catholic Church.

Catholics affirm that we have much to learn from others, specifically in secular subjects of technology, stewardship, finance and more. As we explore these topics, we are inviting many voices to the table even while acknowledging that some are not familiar with Catholic teaching or reject it in their beliefs or personal lives.

In this regard, we trust that the formation level of Catholics in attendance will be able to discern what is in accord with Catholic teaching and what does not.

We believe this approach conforms with the mind of the Church. We welcome comments to the contrary. We simply ask that your comments are offered in a fraternal spirit.

Our aim is to richly understand temporal matters in our our pursuit of eternal matters.

Vision – God’s creation is “good”

Catholics believe the world was created God and his work is good (Gen. 1). Thus, human innovation is a spark of the Divine, especially when it supports human thriving. We desire to create the pre-eminent Catholic cryptocurrency conference in America, and then make it global. We want Catholics to understand new technologies and harness them for the cause of evangelization.

Mission – To equip the Church

The Catholic/Crypto Conference is about teaching, learning, and new relationships. We are creating an incarnational event focused on blockchain, cryptocurrency, Web 3.0, fintech and related technologies. Through seminars and in-person and online interaction, we will look at new technologies with a positive spirit and to help the Church’s pastoral, educational, and humanitarian missions. Because of the speed of technology, the Conference will remain a work in progress. We believe that going “into the deep” can sometimes be dangerous, and so we place our trust in God’s grace.

 Values – A love of God and man

  • A love of God and a reliance on his grace
  • A love of all humanity
  • A hope in the promise of human advancement
  • A humble understanding of our fallen nature
  • A love of industriousness and good stewardship
  • A spirit of joy