Blockchain Technology is Too Powerful to Ignore Say Founder and Speakers of Catholic Crypto Conference

In this January 21st Staseos article, author Connor Mahoney recaps the concept behind the first ever Catholic Crypto Conference that brought together a think tank of industry experts and Church leaders last November. Conference founder, Matt Pinto, believes blockchain heralds the coming of a sizeable technological shift that will reconfigure how business is done worldwide. With its potential for great good or great ill, Pinto stresses that Church leaders need a voice at the table while the technology is still in early stages of development. Brantley Millegan, former operations director for Ethereum Naming Service, asserts in his keynote address that global opportunities afforded by blockchain are too great for a global Church to ignore, and inevitably the Church will be using this technology – the only question is when.

Bitcoin blessings: Inside the curious world of Catholic crypto enthusiasts

Chris Tyrrell stood in front of a screen that read “Blessed are the Blockchains?!?” and addressed an eclectic crowd of about 200 that included hedge fund managers, small-town doctors and online evangelists. They had traveled from all over the country to the Sheraton Valley Forge in King of Prussia, Pa., on Nov. 17. A few were already millionaires. Others were perhaps hoping to be. But they were all there to engage a peculiar intersection of cultures and interests: the Catholic Church and crypto technology.

Are digital IDs dangerous? You decide.

One objective of the Catholic/Crypto Conference was to explore the dangers of some new technologies. Coin Bureau, a U.K.-based multi-media company, released this video on the dangers of digital IDs. 

A secular organization, Coin Bureau is hosted by Guy Turner. I’ve never heard Turner reference anything religious before. Uniquely, he begins this video regarding the Book of Revelation. Even if one dismisses this provocative biblical reference, the potential compromise digital IDs present to civil liberties is likely very real.

What Does the FTX Collapse Mean and What is the Future of Crypto?

In this recap with EWTN News Nightly, Matthew Pinto describes what crypto and blockchain mean in basic terms, and why every Catholic should have a cursory knowledge of these developing technologies. In light of the recent FTX collapse, Pinto elaborates on what may have contributed to the fall, and how it could benefit the budding industry by hastening appropriate regulatory measures and eliminate bad players. Matthew Pinto is the founder of the Genesis Group and creator of the first ever Catholic/Crypto Conference, which just wrapped up this week in Valley Forge, emerging with a number of ideas for how the Church might utilize crypto technology to further the gospel mission.

Could Crypto and Blockchain Provide a Society with Greater Freedoms?

Crypto technology could represent an opportunity to provide greater freedoms in a more egalitarian society, says Matthew Pinto, creator of the first Catholic/Crypto Conference, which is taking place November 17 and 18 in Philadelphia. In this article by Detroit Catholic news, Pinto discusses how the onset of new technologies such as crypto, blockchain, Web 3.0 and the metaverse could offer a moment of hope for the world, having the potential to revolutionize the way we live and conduct business through decentralized networks.

Legatus Magazine Focuses on Blockchain, Crypto, and Web 3.0

The world belongs to those who show up, says Brantly Millegan, former operations director for Ethereum Name Services, who cautions technology will move forward whether we become a part of it or get left behind. Matthew Pinto, creator of the upcoming Catholic/Crypto Conference, offers that, as with the advent of the internet itself in the mid-1990s, these new technologies present the Church with new opportunities for ministry. The article is entitled, “Crypto, Blockchain, Web 3.0: What Catholics Need to Know.”

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What Should You Know about Global Trends toward Decentralized Finance?

In this insightful Frontline with Joe and Joe interview on the Veritas network, Matthew Pinto explains how the term “crypto” includes not only currency, but elements such as blockchain, Web 3.0, the metaverse, NFT’s and more. He points to the global trend toward decentralized finance, peer-to-peer networks that bypass traditional fiat money methods, and calls for Catholics to become educated on the technologies that may well shape our future. Pinto will be hosting the Catholic/Crypto Conference in Philadelphia Nov. 17 and 18.

Timing is Right for Catholic Church to Examine Crypto Pros and Cons

The Catholic/Crypto Conference has the Catholic world buzzing with questions about the new crypto technology, and that’s precisely the goal of its creator and host, Matthew Pinto – to take a look and start a conversation. This Kitco News article highlights why the timing is right for Catholics to learn about crypto in a market currently without “rose-colored glasses,” and points to the upcoming event where Catholic leaders and crypto experts alike will come together to share ideas about harnessing its potential. To read the full article, click here.

Crypto Conference Prompts Catholics to Examine Humanitarian Potential of New Technology

Catholic Philly interviews creator and host, Matthew Pinto, about the Catholic/Crypto Conference taking place in Valley Forge November 17 and 18. The first event of its kind to broach the subject of crypto among the faith community, Pinto encourages Catholics to take a look at the technology and discover how new advances might hold opportunity to benefit the Church and the human experience. To read the full article, click here.

CFN Live Talks with Matt Pinto on the Emerging World of Crypto and how Catholics Can be at the Forefront of this New Technology

Thirty years ago, words like internet and email represented new and unfamiliar technologies, while today they’ve become commonplace. Many believe the crypto and blockchain revolution is destined to follow in these footsteps. In this interview with Colleen McVey of Catholic Faith Network (CFN), Matthew Pinto shares how the upcoming Catholic/Crypto Conference is designed to help Catholics and the crypto curious gain rudimentary knowledge of this exploding technology, and explore ways it could be used to benefit the Church and world at large. Matt Pinto is the founder of Ascension Press and The Genesis Group, and will host the first-ever conference of its kind in Philadelphia this November.